Motor Run Capacitors with spade/lead connection and stud mount

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Weight 10 kg

2µF, 2.5µF, 3µF, 4µF, 5µF, 6µF, 8µF, 10µF, 12µF, 14µF, 15µF, 16µF, 20µF, 25µF, 30µF, 35µF, 40µF, 45µF, 50µF, 60µF, 70µF, 80µF, 100µF

Connection Type

Spade Connection, Lead Connection


450 VAC




Stud mount

Capacitors are electrical devices that store electrical energy and are used to improve the performance and efficiency of electrical motors and other devices.
We offer a wide selection of high-quality capacitors from trusted brands that are designed to meet a variety of different specifications and requirements.


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