PKm 60 Pedrollo single-phase electric pump with peripheral impeller

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PK series electric pumps are recommended for pumping clean water without abrasive particles and liquids that are chemically non-aggressive for the pump’s constituent materials.

Due to their reliability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, they are suitable for domestic use and in particular for water distribution in combination with small autoclave tanks, for irrigating gardens and vegetable gardens.
Installation must be carried out indoors or in any case protected from the weather.

Liquid type Clean water

Uses: Water supply, Pressurisation systems, Irrigation

Typology: Surface

Family Peripherals

Pump body Cast iron

Impeller Brass

MODEL – PKm 60

PHASE – Single-phase

POWERkW – 0.37

HP – 0.50

PERFORMANCESQ l/min – 5 ÷ 40

156.00 191.88 incl. VAT